Initial Induction


Size: 50 min

Format: mp3

Description: The HYPNOTIC INDUCTION mp3 introduces your mind to My seductive, irresistible voice. This powerful trance will not only train your mind to fall more easily into a profoundly deep hypnotic trance, but will also intensify all future hypnotic experiences you have.

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Price: $60

Listen to an excerpt from this trance:


One comment on “Initial Induction

  1. rpowers says:

    This is the greatest hypno file ever produced! This was my 3rd purchase from Goddess Sue but I wish it had been my first (should have listened to Her recommendation). This file took me to depths of trance I didn’t think were possible.

    When the file ended, I could not get up from bed… I could not resist the need to hear Her voice and proceeded to listen to another mp3 of Hers. My body was literally vibrating with pleasure. If you are curious about Goddess Sue, you must start with this file. It will rock your world and you too will feel the bliss of Her control. I can’t recommend this mp3 enough!

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