Hypnotic Quicksand


Size: 27 min

Format: mp3

Description: The HYPNOTIC QUICKSAND trance pulls you under like quicksand. There is no escape, the more you struggle… the more the hypnotic quicksand pulls you down deeper and deeper.

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Price: $40

Listen to an excerpt from this trance:

One comment on “Hypnotic Quicksand

  1. rpowers says:

    This was the first file I purchased from Goddess Sue. It is an amazing file. Before I realized it, I was in one of the deepest trances of my life. Goddess Sue’s technique is amazing and by no means ordinary or regular. In my 8+ years in the hypno fetish I’ve never found a recording like this. I highly recommend you step into Goddess Sue’s “Hypnotic Quicksand”!

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