Brainwashed Bliss

Brainwashed BlissSize: 14 min

Format: mp3

Description: Experience the profoundly blissful feeling of being brainwashed by my erotically charged voice in BRAINWASHED BLISS. As your mind is washed blank & empty, as your arousal intensifies, I will reprogram you to be blissfully obedient to MY WILL!!

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Price: $40

JBrainwashed Goody Bagump right in and get all 5 of my brainwashing mp3’s in one BRAINWASHED GOODY BAG. Save money while fucking your brain up beyond repair!!!

Included to wash your brain clean & reprogram your thoughts:

1. Brainwashed Bliss

2. Brainwashed Bliss – Subliminal Progression #1

3. Brainwashed Bliss – Subliminal Progression #2

4. Brainwashed Bliss – Subliminal Progression #3

5. Dark Arts Brainwashing

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Price:   $140  $100

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