Brainwashed SUBLIMINAL

Size: 90 min total

Format: mp3

Description: Too devious! I’ve taken My BRAINWASHED BLISS trance and layered it into 3 new 30 minute MP3s, each one lowers the decibel level of My voice under the relaxing sound of waves washing up on the shore. Your conscious mind sleeps deeply to the sound of the relaxing waves washing your brain clean as your subconscious mind focuses on my words (even when you think you can’t hear them!). Listen to the third 30 minute everywhere – at work in front of co-workers, in front of your wife, anywhere in front of anyone & they’ll never even know that you are being brainwashed right in front of them!!!

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Price: $60

JBrainwashed Goody Bagump right in and get all 5 of my brainwashing mp3’s in one BRAINWASHED GOODY BAG. Save money while fucking your brain up beyond repair!!!

Included to wash your brain clean & reprogram your thoughts:

1. Brainwashed Bliss

2. Brainwashed Bliss – Subliminal Progression #1

3. Brainwashed Bliss – Subliminal Progression #2

4. Brainwashed Bliss – Subliminal Progression #3

5. Dark Arts Brainwashing

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Price:   $140  $100

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