Mindfuck Experiment – Level One

GGS Mindfuck Experiment-Level-1

Size: 32 min

Format: mp3

Description: I’d seriously advise against submitting to the full Mindfuck Experiment, it will alter your mind permanently. But Level One is totally innocuous! A safe, beautiful trance in my inimitable sensual voice, with no (overt) power-trip triggers, it will simply leave you energized and very happy! SO BUY IT NOW!!!

Buy from PrincessMindFokker through Niteflirt.com

Price: $50

Each progressive level is designed to fuck up your mind a little bit more, building on the devious suggestions in each prior trance. And each progressive level is designed to weed out unsuitable experiment subjects. If you are fortunate (unfortunate?!) enough to progress, I will contact you with details.

GGS Mind Experiment-Level-2  GGS Mind Experiment-Level-3  GGS Mind Experiment-Level-4  GGS Mind Experiment-Level-5

…. how far will this go??!!

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