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This is not a “job” for me, I toy with minds as a hobby. In my spare time and as long as I’m finding it fun and interesting, I will have my phone lines on… at my leisure. If you want someone who is available at regularly scheduled times, then you should contact someone else.

I will take appointments for calls from time to time – if you are hoping to be one of my hypnotic subjects, email me and inquire about making an appointment. The emails that I pay most attention to are those that are respectfully written. Those who start with my Initial Induction recording to prepare their minds for my voice are more likely to get my attention. Those who woo me with gifts (cash and presents) are also more likely to pique my interest. Those who write me demanding, poorly-written notes will be ignored.

meet for live trancing in person…

I do hypnosis in person in a very few select instances. Instances that I choose. If you find yourself asking me, “can I meet you in person,” you can be assured that the answer will be, “No.” When I decide to meet with someone, I will summon them. Not the other way around.

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