How to purchase recordings:

You will find a direct link for purchasing the recordings found on this site – that link will take you to Niteflirt to process your payment and you will automatically get a link or attachment (depending on the file size) to download your recording.

If you need to use a different payment processor, let me know and I can handle it directly for you. However, I live a busy, full life and it may be some time before I get to your request. Deal with it.

How you may use the recordings found on this site:

When you purchase an audio recording or a video recording, you are only purchasing the right to use that item for your personal use only . You may keep the purchased item on as many devices as you like for your personal use, however you may not share it with other people.

You may not upload my recordings to any file sharing system, you may not upload my recordings to devices for any use besides your own personal use, you may not resell my recordings, you may not sample my recordings in separate productions. I retain all copyright rights for all of my material and will take great joy in prosecuting anyone who violates my rights and draining every cent out of them that the US legal system allows!

The same rules apply to samples of recordings on this site. You can’t share them in any way or use them for your own productions. However, you may post the samples (and ONLY the samples) online as long as you provide a credit and link back to this site.

Refunds on recordings:

As with most digitally delivered products online, there is no way to offer a refund once you’ve purchased your item. So choose wisely, there isn’t a “change your mind” option!

The one case where this policy is different: If there is a technical difficulty that can’t be resolved, then I will allow a refund. You must contact me first to resolve the problem and then only if it can’t be resolved will you be issued a refund. Of course, in the case of a refund you are not allowed to use the product. If I discover you are still using it, I will take every legal action to protect my copyright rights and punish you for your illegal use of my recordings.

Privacy Policy:

I collect no personal information on this site for any purposes at all. However, any payment processor you use may collect information – check their privacy policies to find out the details.

This site may use cookies to make your browsing experience smoother and faster, just like any other website. If you are concerned about cookies then you shouldn’t be surfing the web!

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