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Blackmail Duo Goody Bag

Blackmail Duo Goody BagThe newly released Blackmail Duo Goody Bag contains:

  1. Hypnotic Blackmail – a seductive trance that leaves you defenseless against your deep subconscious desire to submit to consensual blackmail; and
  2. Blackmail Tease – a teasing mp3 designed to taunt you with your inevitable fate as a blackmailed fool, held tight in the constraints of information bondage.

Buy from GreedyGoddessSue through Niteflirt.com

Price: $80  $70

Don’t worry… they’re just innocuous little mp3’s! There is no way they could actually fuck your mind up so much that you end up being My blackmailed bitch… is there?!?!

Blackmail Tease


Format: mp3

Description: This BLACKMAIL TEASE exploites your deepest, darkest fantasies of financial ruin. Your mind will throb with fear and excitement as this tease cuts right to the core of your blackmail fetish!

Buy from GreedyGoddessSue through Niteflirt.com

Price: $30

Listen to an excerpt from this trance:

Hypnotic Blackmail


Format: mp3

Description: The HYPNOTIC BLACKMAIL  trance brings to life all of your fantasies about this terrifyingly exciting fate. Feel all of your defenses finally melt away as you surrender to the coercive extortion of consensual blackmail.

Buy from GreedyGoddessSue through Niteflirt.com

Price: $50

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