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Hypnotic Farewell to 2014

GGS-farewell-to-2014Size: 34 min

Format: mp3

Description: Send 2014 on its merry way with this hypnotic mindfuck that prepares your mind for 2015…. and prepares your mind for even MORE deep hypnotic experiences!

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Price: $50

Tantric Trio Goody Bag!

TANTRIC TRIO - 3 MP3SThree TANTRIC TORMENTS combined together to keep you hovering on the edge of arousal:

  1. Tantric Torment Intro: An explanation of the ancient practice of tantra combined with an erotic induction into tantric trancing, this mp3 primes your mind for future tantric exploration & experimentation!
  2. Tantric Glow: Experience the excitement of your entire body glowing.
  3. Touchless Tantra: Hands off! Without direct stimulation, you drift in an erotic, hypnotic haze.

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Price:   $90  $70


Initial Induction


Size: 50 min

Format: mp3

Description: The HYPNOTIC INDUCTION mp3 introduces your mind to My seductive, irresistible voice. This powerful trance will not only train your mind to fall more easily into a profoundly deep hypnotic trance, but will also intensify all future hypnotic experiences you have.

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Price: $60

Listen to an excerpt from this trance:


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