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Entranced by entrapment

GOODY-BAG-trapped-trioTRAPPED TRIO explores different ways you can become locked & trapped in trance, unable to move or control yourself at all as the hypnotic enchantment captivates your mind AND your body:

  1. Rag Doll Relaxation
  2. Mannequin Trance
  3. Hypnotic Quicksand

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Price:   $110  $100

Mannequin Trance

Size: 21 min

Format: mp3

Description: Hypnotized and frozen, you can’t move a muscle. MANNEQUIN TRANCE traps you inside your mannequin body: you can hear and see and feel everything that happens… but you can do absolutely nothing about it.

Buy from PrincessMindFokker through Niteflirt.com

Price: $30

Listen to an excerpt from this trance:


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