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Entranced by entrapment

GOODY-BAG-trapped-trioTRAPPED TRIO explores different ways you can become locked & trapped in trance, unable to move or control yourself at all as the hypnotic enchantment captivates your mind AND your body:

  1. Rag Doll Relaxation
  2. Mannequin Trance
  3. Hypnotic Quicksand

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Price:   $110  $100

Hypnotic Quicksand


Size: 27 min

Format: mp3

Description: The HYPNOTIC QUICKSAND trance pulls you under like quicksand. There is no escape, the more you struggle… the more the hypnotic quicksand pulls you down deeper and deeper.

Buy from PrincessMindFokker through Niteflirt.com

Price: $40

Listen to an excerpt from this trance:

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